New Leaf Foundation SROI Impact Report

New Leaf Foundation SROI Impact Report

New Leaf Foundation SROI Impact Report

Over the course of 2015 and 2016, New Leaf Foundation conducted a Social Return on Investment Study (SROI) with the support of a Toronto Foundation Vital Ideas grant. SROI is a methodology for determining how much social value is created for every dollar invested in an initiative.

New Leaf investigated the social return within 2 of our 4 areas of programming: schools and drop-in programs. A broad range of stakeholders including program participants, Toronto District School Board staff (teachers, social workers, child and youth workers, and principals), participants’ families, program funders, and program facilitators/supervisors were engaged via interviews, surveys, and focus groups in order to understand the benefits that were (or were not) experienced as a result of New Leaf Foundation’s programming.

We explored results related to experiences of stress, ability to regulate emotions, level of focus, quality of sleep, occurrences of interpersonal conflict, self-regulation, as well as school attendance and academic performance.

We’re thrilled to share that the analysis revealed an SROI ratio of 1:4.63, which indicates that, for every dollar invested, New Leaf creates close to five dollars in social value.

This study concluded that significant social value is created when young people are provided with opportunities to cultivate a mindfulness and yoga practice.

Based on this analysis, and the recommendation of upwards of 98% of participants and stakeholders, the SROI study makes a compelling case for continuing, and in fact expanding, mindfulness and yoga-based education for young people.

I learned there is always a second chance in life. I honestly thought that I would never get through...I’m learning to attend school frequently and to believe in myself more.

Thank you to Racquel Smith, lead researcher, and co-author, for her many hours of work on this project.



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